This place is run by a friend, so I won’t give it a score out of 5. I will try to be honest in my appraisal, but I might have unconscious bias. Please let me know if you think I’ve been fair, or what I should change!

Interior, Eggxtra, Melaka

Eggxtra is a small, quirky cafe with lots of interesting decorations, and it’s easy to spend time here. It does breakfast until 11 (11.30 at weekends), salads, pasta, local dishes and a range of coffees. The staff seem to be friendly to everyone (they are to us, but we know them), and the food is good with quite a lot for your money.

Breakfast, Eggxtra, Melaka

I had the 7 item breakfast for RM15.50. It was a good cooked breakfast, which comes with 7 items of your choice (or 5 or 3, if you’re not as fat as me; no pork) and toast. Can’t fault it, but also nothing extra special.

Nasi lemak, Eggxtra, Melaka

Fiancée had nasi lemak with chicken rendang; she said the rendang was very good, as was the sambal.

Address: 15 Jalan Melaka Raya, Melaka


Directions: If you find Jalan Melaka Raya on a map and make it there, you can’t miss the hotel (Sunshine Inn) the cafe sits under, as it is bright orange, yellow and pink striped.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)

Tiles, Eggxtra, Melaka