Famosa Chicken Rice Ball, just off Jonker Walk, does what it says – selling rice balls with roast chicken, which is one of the dishes Melaka is famous for. Also available are some fish, pork and duck dishes, plus a few tofu items and some greens. According to staff (who you have to hope aren’t lying only the labelled meat and fish dishes aren’t vegetarian; ie no meat/fish stock in the others.

Interior, Famosa Restaurant, Melaka

Set in a lovely Melakan town house, the restaurant is very red, with wood and marble tables and chairs which do get a bit uncomfortable as there isn’t much give. Staff friendly enough, though having a Chinese speaker or someone fluent in gestures would be useful. The food was OK and a bit pricy due to location.

Chicken rice ball, Famosa Restaurant, Melaka

Having heard Malaysians, particularly Melakans, go on about how great chicken rice ball is as a food, it was a bit disappointing to find the rice balls are just rice with a bit of ginger and onion. I had a few, along with some braised eggs (in sweet soy, nice enough) and tom yam cabbage (best dish), seasoned liberally with the chilli in vinegar. Fiancée said roast chicken was OK but far from best in Melaka.

Cabbage, Famosa Restaurant, Melaka

Address: 21 Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Walk), Melaka

Directions: It’s towards the bridge end of Jonker Walk, 2 doors down from Inside Scoop.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)