Ichi Zen is a Japanese restaurant just outside town. It is part of a group of five Japanese chain eateries with about fifteen outlets under those brands across Malaysia.

Interior, Ichi Zen, Melaka

It has the typical features – minimalist decor, chefs on view, staff who shout when you enter – but I was very pleasantly surprised by the menu. Usually it’s very hard to get vegetarian food in Japanese restaurants, but IZ had a reasonable range including some sushi, rice and noodle dishes. Staff were helpful in finding some of these for me.

Food, Ichi Zen, Melaka

Garlic fried rice was good when livened up with chilli. Japanese eggs, soft boiled and peeled, were soaked in a sweet, savoury and slightly sour liquid which permeated well (I have since made these at home).

More food, Ichi Zen, Melaka

The sushi range was wide enough to include quite a few vegetarian options, though most of these had egg. Green tea ice cream was subtle and tasty. The meat eaters appreciated their pork and the fish eaters were impressed with the fish.

Address: Jalan KSB 1, Taman Kota Syahbandar, Melaka

Telephone: 062880061

Website: http://www.edoichigroup.com/ichi-eng.html