Note – I understand that Locahouz has recently moved premises, but has kept the same menu and artistic style. When I am back in Melaka I will keep my promise and head to the new location for some pics! However don’t look for it based on the ivy…

Locahouz is another in the range of lovely new cafes springing up in Melaka town centre around Jonker Walk. I’m a little worried that the market might be saturated and fear some of these might not last too long.

Art, Locahouz, Melaka

Anyway, Locahouz is very attractive inside, its long narrow room being lined with interesting artwork and curios. The staff are very friendly. We only stopped for drinks, but the food on other tables looked very good. We’ll probably go back to try food at some point. Our drinks were a bit expensive, but tasted very nice.

Orange beer, Locahouz, Melaka

I had homemade orange beer, which was a good brewed, yeasty orangeade with a hint of alcohol.

Pomelo orange soda, Locahouz, Melaka

The orange pomelo soda was great, but would have been even better with more pomelo (unsweetened).

Address: 8 Jalan Bukit Cina, Melaka

Exterior, Locahouz, Melaka

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)