Old Town is a big local chain, originally from Ipoh, specialising in white coffee and Malaysian dishes. There are lots of these across Malaysia, and their prices are set broadly in between the mamaks/kedai kopi and the other chains. I’ve been to a few of these and they are usually reliably middle of the road (and have good rich coffee), though sadly they have reduced the vegetarian options. There is, however, a RM5 menu featuring a small menu and a drink which is good value for money. We have been to loads of these, and overall the staff and surroundings are normally OK. However, Aeon Bandaraya branch in Melaka was pretty poor.

Food, Old Town, Malaysia

I usually have a roti and potato curry set (fine, but nothing special). This, or the RM6 version shown in the featured image, are the standard veggie savoury option. In the former you get 6 bits of potato and 3 rotis, in the latter 3 bits of potato and thick sliced bread!

Fiancée had white curry pan mee on the visit pictured, until she sent it back as the noodles were basically mush. The replacement mee kuning was better textured. Ais kacang with gula Melaka was bland and the sago balls crunchy, suggesting freezing and thawing out.

Lo han guo, Old Town, Malaysia

Lo Han Guo ice is a sweet ice dessert with the fruit it’s named after, longans, syrup, and white fungus (reminiscent of the dark seaweed you see on British beaches). I mentioned the coffee; whether hot or iced, the white coffee is strong and sweet. Mint choc drink is great, too.

Address: in most towns across Malaysia you will find at least one of these (they have 200 outlets in Malaysia and Singapore).

Website: http://www.oldtown.com.my

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