Papagallo is an Italian restaurant on the 4th floor of the Riverview Hotel. It’s quite a dark place, but has a large open terrace on one side, suitable for parties (there were two while we were there). There’s also a pool table, reinforcing the more bar-like image. Staff were OK, though it took a while to get our drinks for some reason. Food was fine, with quite large portions. At night, the terrace is a good place to watch the river – sometimes there is a fireworks display. Not sure worth going out of your way for, but if you’re near Melaka Sentral then you could give it a go.

Pizza, Papagallo, Melaka

I had a Margarita pizza, which was one of the few vegetarian choices. It was OK but nothing special. The pasta sauces were apparently a little bland, but the meat dishes were well cooked. Weirdly, looking at the picture again, it appears (surely it wasn’t) that my pizza was made of off cuts of several others, as the pieces don’t seem to match!

Bar, Papagallo, Melaka
Address: Plaza Melaka Sentral

Directions: Opposite the entrance to Melaka Sentral, go in to PMS and make your way to the river. Find the Riverview hotel and use the lift.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)