PPABBM loosely translated means Buddhist Association of Melaka, and from 7am until around 2pm or so, they serve a vegetarian nasi campur (rice with mixed dishes) range, along with freshly cooked options depending on which members of ‘staff’ are in. We’ve had won ton mee (fried slightly spicy noodles with parcels of mock ‘meat’, pau char siew (bread buns, steamed, with a mock barbecue pork filling) and bean and chestnut dumplings on various days. The selection of food can have cooled down if you get there later in the day, but Malaysia’s a hot country so that doesn’t bother me!

Choice, PPABBM, Melaka

The guys who run this do it as volunteers, and they’re very friendly; while the eating area isn’t the most attractive, it’s fine; and the price is phenomenal – less than RM15 for three people including drinks.

Food, PPABBM, Melaka

Won ton mee has a good sauce, freshly cooked and laced with vegetarian protein. When they have them, I recommend the bean and chestnut dumplings: banana leaf encases the dumplings for steaming, and inside this there is a sticky rice pyramid which contains white beans, chestnuts and mock meat in a rich sauce. Almost as good as my fiancée’s mother’s, and great for breakfast on the go.

Address: Jalan Melaka Baru 21

Directions: On the road into Melaka, as you pass through Melaka Baru, look out for the TM building on your right. Turn right just after that, and PPABBM is just on your left on the corner.