Salud is a new tapas bar just off Jonker Walk. It has a long open kitchen, a small indoor section with aircon, street seating, and a large covered area over two floors which has lots of fans. We sat in the last and it was very comfortable. Staff are well meaning but not quite there yet – all very friendly, particularly the Spanish owner, but it took a long time to get served and a couple of dishes weren’t right or served at all. This could well improve as they get used to the job.

Seats, Salud, Melaka

Food was good, with patches of excellence, and drinks were OK too. I’d say worth a visit if you’re on Jonker Walk and want to splash out on something rather than street food.

Omelette, Salud, Melaka

Cheese platter had smoked cow cheese, goat cheese with olive oil and sheep cheese. I liked them all, but I was told the goat one was too goaty…if you are sensitive to this, beware. Spanish omelette was virtually egg free, with just enough to hold the potato and onion together – nice, especially with a great aioli.

Pork, Salud, Melaka

Secreto Iberico is Iberico ham flank chunks grilled and served over potato cubes with ‘3 sauces’, one of which was just salt and pepper. The 2 actual sauces were the aioli and a brilliant smoked chilli sauce, freshly made on site. I had a taste of the latter on the omelette too; it was sweet and bitter, giving way to a salty smoky flavour, and finishing with a subtle chilli burn. Excellent. Fiancée said the pork was overcooked and not very flavoursome; the owner said they also cook it in a more Spanish style (thinner, rarer) but Malaysians complain it’s not cooked properly so they try to guess what the customer will want!

Cooking, Salud, Melaka

Sangria was pleasant – like sweet sherry with orange liqueur and vanilla (not very like sangria!). Watermelon daiquiri was strong and refreshing.

Address: 94 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka
Telephone: 062829881
Directions: Jalan TTCL is off Jonker Walk, about halfway down and to the side of the Geographer Cafe. Salud is at the other end.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)