Thong Shui apparently means sugar water, and this place sells several sweet liquids with vegetables in, though we only tried one. It’s a medium sized Chinese place, which does a few noodle dishes, some snacks, and desserts.

Exterior, Thong Shui House, Melaka

There are 3 branches, and we visited the Batu Berendam Putra outlet. Reasonably comfortable and clean, and the staff were OK except when leaning over us to replenish the table or turn fans on. Food was fine, though as I’d had a big lunch I decided just to have a couple of snack dishes.

Mee, Thong Shui House, Melaka

Mee hoon kuih was pan mee (hand torn, chewy noodle pieces) with chicken broth, prawns, ikan bilis (usually translated as anchovies, but they’re not really, though apparently pretty similar), mushrooms and water spinach, which I’m told was filling if not that well flavoured.

Rainbow, Thong Shui House, Melaka

Rainbow momochaca was hot milk with yam, sweet potato, tapioca and glutinous tapioca starch in lurid colours. Too strong a yam flavour for me, as I’m still not used to it as a sweet ingredient.

Snacks, Thong Shui House, Melaka

Mini shell type curry puffs had a good potato curry blend with a bit of a kick, while spicy wedges were the same as anywhere. Mango with sour plum was a nectar-type drink with chunks of real mango and ice. Very good.

Address: 77 Jalan Batu Berendam Putra, Melaka


Directions: On the left on the road out of town towards Batu Berendam.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)