U Desserts is a franchise selling Hong Kong style desserts using local ingredients, and it also does some fried food. We visited the stall in Mahkota Parade mall, Melaka. The single member of staff was impressive, serving customers quickly while also cleaning up.

Seats, U Desserts, Melaka

Given it’s effectively a mall concession stand, it’s an ok place to sit and it had fun Christmas decorations. We only had one dessert from the large range of variations of shaved ice combinations, which would have been nicer if it had had more of all the announced toppings. Worth a visit if it’s not busy, you’re passing, and you like Asian desserts.

Dessert, U Desserts, Melaka

We had the mango sago pomelo ice cream shaved ice, which was pleasant, but only had a little bit of ice cream, mango, sago and especially pomelo. With more pomelo, I could have forgiven the rest lacking, but as was it was only OK.

Address: 1st floor, Mahkota Parade

Telephone: 062819221

Website: http://www.melvdenkogroup.com/udesserts/menu/

Directions: On the first floor of Parkson at Mahkota Parade, exit to the mall and walk straight on all the way to the escalator to the cinema. It’s right there.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)