Inside Scoop is a small chain of upmarket ice cream parlours in KL, but one of their owners is from Melaka (we bumped into her on our first visit) and so the chain recently expanded there. The ice cream range is a bit different from your normal western or Asian range but does have some favourites like mint choc chip and rum and raisin, or teh tarik and Milo dinosaur. Not all the flavours are to my taste, but they do seem better than more commercial alternatives. The Melaka branch has a small seating area, and the staff are happy to let you try as many as you like. Price is a bit dear, with two scoops of premium ice cream being RM15, but I think you’ll find the taste worth it.

Seating area, Inside Scoop, Melaka

I confess Inside Scoop does have a spot in my heart as their Bangsar branch was the scene of part of my first date with my now fiancée, and her trying to poison me (…with durian!) has set the tone for our relationship. That said, the Melaka branch is not as inviting or quirky as Bangsar, so I’d suggest getting a pot and strolling along the river with it.

Range, Inside Scoop, Melaka

Smoked cognac ice cream is simply delicious, when they have it. It sells out quickly. Rum and raisin is as it should be – strong and full of raisins. XO cranberry and lemon curd are a little sweet. Strawberry sorbet is not as sharp as you’d expect and full of real strawberry flavour. Durian is as revolting as you’d imagine or as delicious as ice cream gets, depending on your viewpoint; Musang King is the premium version using an even more durian-ny durian. *shudder*

Address: 28 Jalan Hang Kasturi

Directions: Just off Jonker Walk, it’s about 100 yards south of the river. I think it’s the first left turn off Jonker Walk proper as you walk away from the river, and it’s just on the left.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)

Counter, Inside Scoop, Melaka