Isen is a sushi restaurant in the surprisingly food filled area of Melaka Permai. It’s just down the road from Wasabi which I reviewed previously. Nice enough place, with artwork on the wall from a local artist whose work is available on Jalan Tokong.

Table pits, Isen, Melaka

There are two types of seating area – normal tables and chairs at the front, then optional kneeling tables at the back. I say optional, because (thankfully), there is a pit under the table into which you can place your legs rather than kneel. Staff were fine, but preferred speaking Chinese to English. Food was OK, with a very limited choice for vegetarians. I preferred Wasabi but this wasn’t awful.

Fish, Isen, Melaka

I had pickle and egg (separate, but that gives me an idea) sushi which were fine, plus Zaru Soba – cold buckwheat noodles with a quails egg, spring onions, breadcrumbs and wasabi toppings, plus a watery soy-mirin sauce. Again OK. Fish eaters had mackerel, mango sushi (sadly topped with roe, so I didn’t get to try this mad food), and a mixed sushi platter. They liked them all. Drink was all the iced green tea I could handle.

Address: 50, Jalan MP2, Melaka
Telephone: 063377322

Directions: Like for Wasabi, from Batu Berendam, go past McDonalds and turn left at the traffic lights into Taman Merdeka Permai. It’s on your right, but you’ll have to U turn and come back.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)