I’d tried to visit Jing Xin at least 5 times but it was always closed for breaks or rest days. Finally I managed to be there at the right time of the right day…was it worth it?

Interior, Jing Xin, Melaka

It serves Chinese and other Asian veggie food, and it’s another family run place with small children serving you while they’re on the holidays. It’s a bit like a lot of these places, with plastic tables and chairs, and Buddhist sayings on the walls. It also sells a small range of vegetarian products, including the gravy I needed for Christmas dinner! The staff are friendly enough, but it’s useful to have a Chinese speaker in your party. The food was ok, but I think the weakest of the veggie places in this cluster at Bukit Beruang.

More food, Jing Xin, Melaka

We had Japanese mock chicken peri-peri rice set and bitter gourd and bean curd rice set, with a fried egg. The main dish was ok, but there wasn’t enough of it to use with all the rice (at least for my western tastes). I had an ABCDE drink with apple, beetroot, carrot, and … whatever D and E were, which will go down on my list of bad drinks I had to try because I’m too curious for my own good.

Food and drink, Jing Xin, Melaka

Address: Jalan Bukit Melaka 1/3, Melaka

Directions: On the left side of Bukit Beruang as you travel downhill. Take the left after Beruang Bazar and then second right.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)