Jit Seng is a very small place on the outside of a large mall in Melaka. It does a ‘Nasi Campur’ style range of food, which means you help yourself to a plate of rice (or noodles, for me) and then add what you like to the top. There are many different choices of mock meat or fish in different sauces, then the owner tots up the cost. A full plate with 4 different ‘meat’ options and a glass of iced soy milk cost me just RM6. You sit outside the shop, under the walkway for the mall’s upper floor; not exactly comfortable, but acceptable.

Food, Jit Seng, Melaka

The mock beef curry was delicious. I also had mock mutton (complete with mushroom ‘gristle’!) and potatoes in mild curry, mock chicken in soy, and mock prawn sweet and sour. All good.

Address: E167 Dataran Pahlawan mega-mall, Melaka

Directions: On the outside of the Mall, in the underpass on the east side (I think), close to the grassy area between the mall and the cinema.