At the bottom end of Jonker Walk, away from the river, and close to the stage, there is a side street and another linked road which have loads of hawkers, selling many different kinds of food. The most common seemed to be seafood options, with squid, cockles, mussels, prawns and fish on offer, plus lots of different kinds of noodles, chicken rice and satay.

Veggie hawker, Jonker Walk hawker area, Melaka

The vegetarian stall is the first stall on the left as you enter from Jonker Walk. I’ve had veggie noodles and veggie fried food from this area, and it’s filling but feels very unhealthy! There really should be something you like the look of here as it has a huge range. Some of the stalls have seats, but for those which don’t there is a small seating area just before the Jonker Walk karaoke stage, on the right (between white and orange buildings in my second pic). You can also order drinks here. It’s pretty lively, especially when a local is murdering your favourite 80s song, and while you won’t get gourmet food here, it’s good value for money.

Seats, Jonker Walk hawker area, Melaka

From the vegetarian stall, I like the mushroom skewers. Fried bearhead mushroom with a choice of sweet and sour or spicy sauce, they are chewy and have a good flavour. You can also get vegetable cake (chunks of carrots, potatoes, and whatever was cheap, fried in batter in big patties then cut up into bite size pieces – when they have broccoli in, they are really good), potato cake (the same, with chips; I didn’t know chips could get much less healthy, but trust Malaysia to manage it!), and mini-yam samosas.

Jonker Walk hawker area, Melaka

From the noodle shop at the very back (orange building in my second pic, has own seating), you can ask for a vegetarian mee goreng with duck egg (fried noodles with onions, bean sprouts and duck egg) which was very rich. Hen egg is slightly cheaper. According to fiancée, the wan tan mee from the stall in the seating area was terrible, with zero flavour in the noodles and very sparse dumpling and meat topping. Seafood stalls are meant to be good.

Address: Jonker Walk

Directions: At the stage end of Jonker Walk, away from the river. You really can’t miss this area.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)