Kampung Vege is a very nice place to spend time. The restaurant has traditional ‘wau’ kites on the walls, bamboo weave panels, a pretty picture of kampung life, and a dividing wall between inside and out which is reminiscent of a porch of a traditional house here. Music varied between the Carpenters and Elvis played in Chinese style to Fur Elise.

Wau wau, Kampung Vege, Melaka

The menu is a range of mostly Malay or Nyonya veggie rice and noodle dishes with some desserts, and ‘bread dishes’ which turn out to be burgers. I had to try very hard not to order a hash brown and egg burger, or an abalone mushroom burger, and instead went for a more traditional dish. Staff very friendly, and the large meal was wallet friendly at RM25. Yet another Melaka veggie restaurant I’d like to revisit…

Food, Kampung Vege, Melaka

I had extra spicy Nyonya laksa. It contains tofu balls, crispy won ton skin, green beans, cucumber, spring onions, bean sprouts, bean curd sheets, half an egg, mock meat, and your choice of noodles in a rich spicy sauce. It was very good – and very filling. Soursop cooler had a good flavour, but was a bit small for the money.

Tesing 123 (I think, on reflection, this is meant to be Testing 1-2-3, like a sound check) was small portions of 3 dishes as a snack/starter. These were 1. abalone mushrooms in light batter with sesame seeds and chilli relish. The relish was very good, hot sweet and tangy, while the mushrooms were a little soft rather than crispy. 2. Vietnamese rolls, which were small cucumber, young mango, crispy onion and carrot in soft rice paper rolls. A bit too cucumbery for my taste, but the onion added texture. 3. Mock meat chips, fried and topped with a great barbecue sauce (which put me in mind of an extra peppery HP) and oregano flakes.

Wall, Kampung Vege, Melaka

Address: 3 Komplex Kesidang Bachang, Jln Tun Perak, Melaka

Directions: Outside town; best to use satnav for this one, but it’s quite near Tesco and Aeon Bandaraya.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)