Little Taiwan is a Malaysian chain of Taiwanese restaurants (made halal for the local market). We went to the Melaka branch, which I’d noticed had a sign board advertising new veggie dishes. The interior is pleasant enough, with a lot of green over the seats and and walls. The food we had was nothing special, but not dreadful.

Interior, Little Taiwan, Melaka

The staff, however? Phew. I don’t often get annoyed by bad service enough to offer constructive feedback to the management, but I had to at Little Taiwan. Inattentive, seemingly arrogant floor staff (except for one poor woman doing all the real work while her colleagues leeched off her!) ambled around doing all they could to avoid eye contact and customer service. The restaurant wasn’t very busy as it was close to closing time, yet we saw lots of dishes and drinks sitting on the counters while the poor overworked staff member tried to serve them. Food and drink therefore took an age to come, not helped by the fact they asked us to choose an alternative dish 5 mins after we ordered. OK, fine. We’ll try something else. However 5 further minutes later we were told that another dish on the original order wasn’t available. Finally, I noticed that most of the bowls for sauces were dirty. We decided against having dessert here.

Steam burger, Little Taiwan, Melaka

In short, while the food was poor to OK (kitchen staff seemed to be working hard and efficiently) and a couple of the staff were friendly, the level of competence and attentiveness of most of the floor staff was bad, and I’m not sure why I’d bother returning to this restaurant in future.

Dry food, Little Taiwan, Melaka

Vegetarian salted chicken was ok, but dry. You need sauce with it. Pumpkin dumplings were overly chewy and bland. Taiwanese chicken burger (in steamed bread) was apparently just alright, while the spicy beef noodle soup was described as quite good and spicy enough. Calamansi mango passion drink was very good, but the pineapple juice managed to remove anything nice about pineapple, leaving a stringy, fibrous, astringent, watery glass of bad.

Beef noodles, Little Taiwan, Melaka

Address: Aeon Bandaraya Melaka, Jalan Legenda

Directions: Not sure you want to go here, but if you do, drive out of town and look for the word Aeon in white on pink. It’s quite a visible landmark. On the ground floor.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)