Live Seafresh is a Chinese seafood restaurant, where if you’d like you can pick which fish you want and have it cooked for you. It feels like a Chinese restaurant on one side, with big round tables and a lazy Susan, plus lots of red and gold, but on the other side there are loads of tanks containing the options for you. In the restaurant there are lots of pictures of the owner with various huge fish he’s caught himself, too.

Interior, Live Seafresh, Melaka

There are two rooms inside, one with aircon and one with fans, plus plenty of outside seating. The staff were OK, but the GM was quite good, bringing party hats for the kids and up for a laugh, plus he checked with me whether my specially cooked vegetarian meal was acceptable. The food was ok according to the fish eaters. If I had guests who wanted the live fish experience, I might bring them here, but otherwise I’d give it a miss.

No Swimming, Live Seafresh, Melaka

Notable is the sign on the fish tank saying ‘no swimming, no snorkelling’…

Crab, Live Seafresh, Melaka

I had a special dish of fried noodles with vegetables which was fine but not interesting; the fried bread was quite good. Those who eat seafood told me the sotong Nyonya (squid with onion and pineapple in a sweet, sour spicy sauce) was the best dish, with the kangkung belacan in second. Chilli crab, prawn omelette, and salted egg crab were average.

Food, Live Seafresh, Melaka

Address: 88 Jalan MP2, Taman Merdeka Permai, Melaka

Directions: From Batu Berendam, head towards Cheng and take the left at the traffic lights after McDonald’s. It’s on the right, and to get there you need to make a right turn and then enter Taman Merdeka Permai.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)