Blacks Burgers (sic) in Purley is one of a small chain of three upmarket burger restaurants (also in Epsom and Horley). The style is similar to Five Guys in that you choose your burger and then add toppings from a range of price inclusive and premium choices. It also sells ice cream made on the premises.

Interior, Blacks Burgers, Purley

On walking in, it actually looked a little cheap, but that was made up for by the friendliness of the lady running the place, who was very down to earth and happy to explain the way the food worked. 

Veggie, Blacks Burgers, Purley

I went for a veggie burger, unsurprisingly, with cheese, gherkins, chillies, and a combination of peanut butter and BBQ sauce (in an attempt at satay-style). What was surprising was that it came with two sweetcorn and kidney bean patties. These were remarkably moist and the whole burger was impressive, with only the peanut butter falling below par as it was a bit runny and sweet, and perhaps it wasn’t worth getting the cheese as it was lost in the rest.

Beef, Blacks Burgers, Purley

Fiancée had a beef burger with bacon, mushrooms, caramelised onions and lettuce. She thought the burger was only ok, but the bacon was very crispy and flavoursome, as were the mushrooms and onions. 

Sides, Blacks Burgers, Purley

Sides of coleslaw (adequate) and sweet potato fries (excellent, especially with tangy blue cheese dip) were respectively included in the price and subject to an upgrade. The mint choc milkshake was a tiny bit too sweet, but had a good mint flavour and a lot of chocolate chips.

Milkshake, Blacks Burgers, Purley

I think the food overall is pretty good quality, but it should be for the price (£27 for two burgers and sides, plus one milkshake), and that and the slightly underwelcoming decor reduce the score. However it is still a good place to eat and I would recommend if you like burgers.

Menu, Blacks Burgers, Purley

Address: 920 Brighton Rd, Purley CR8 2LN (also in Epsom and Horley)

Telephone: 02086459942