Serge Island is a producer in the Caribbean which makes a number of juice drinks and milk products. One of those is the intriguing Peanut Punch, which comes in a fairly plain carton with MS Paint level artwork. It turns out this is a milk drink, though as the first two ingredients are water and peanut before milk in third place, I assume it is from powdered milk. 

Serge Island Peanut Punch

I decided to forego the straw so I could take a better look at the contents; which might not have been my best idea as the liquid wasn’t immediately appetising – a thick, murky brown with ominous bubbles. The smell, however, did get me interested, as it was a very strong peanut aroma and not really sweet. The drink itself was actually very thick, almost chewy and not that peanutty in flavour. Quite pleasant and very filling. Not a drink I would have on a hot day to refresh me, but pretty tasty. Might be comforting when warmed up on a winter evening, and definitely worth a second taste.