Prime is a burger restaurant mini-chain with outlets at Euston and St Pancras stations in London. It aims to deliver good food quickly, with a money back guarantee if not ready within 8 minutes.

Interior, Prime, St Pancras

We went to the St Pancras branch, which is quite modern/Victorian in style, with lots of tiles, including a floor reminiscent of the game board from the TV show ‘Blockbusters’. There was also a fun 80s soundtrack. Staff were professional more than warm, and that extends to the buzzer which sounds for you to get food, rather than them bringing it. Not a problem, though.

Menus, Prime, St Pancras

You choose from a range of about 10 beef or chicken burgers, and some can be made using a vegetarian patty. We probably let you down, dear reader, as we both went for a signature truffle burger, rather than a different choice. 

Veggie, Prime, St Pancras

That decision let us down too. My veggie version had a good savoury patty, which seemed to be soy protein based, with bits of carrot and leek. Sadly the truffle cheese and truffle mayo were so mild as to be unnoticeable, and I felt I could just have bought a regular veggie burger at three quid cheaper. Fiancée felt the same about her beef – the patty was good and well cooked, but the rest just so-so.

Chips, Prime, St Pancras

Chips are the skin on, medium thickness type, and come in a variety of flavours too. We went for regular and garlic butter; the latter was really tasty, and made the former seem a little flat – I think that is unfair, as the potato was clearly good. The mayo that came with them was greasy, sour and disgusting, though!
Prime is, then, an acceptable place to grab some fast food, though be careful what you choose. I will probably go back and check out their summer (Stilton and pineapple) or crazy Larry (chillies) burgers, and might revise the rating.
Address: 17A The Circle, Pancras Road N1C4QP

Telephone: 02072788056