The Courtyard is a farm shop in Elveden. It sells locally grown and produced goods, with a network of about 45 local farms which supply it. As with many of these farm shops, it has also diversified into other areas.

Interior, The Courtyard, Elveden
The food selection is quite wide, with lots of fresh meat, bread, cheese and condiments, though a strangely limited range of fresh fruit and vegetables. For a bit of publicity a few years ago they started selling fresh squirrel meat and cooked squirrel skewers, but that seems to have stopped now.

Booze, The Courtyard, Elveden
Wine is well represented, along with some local flavoured gins, vodkas, and whiskies…

Sweets, The Courtyard, Elveden
…and if you have a sweet tooth, there is a truffle maker in a dedicated confectionery section. 

Restaurant, The Courtyard, Elveden
There is also a restaurant with outside seating in the courtyard which gives the complex its name, which serves traditional pub meals and sandwiches. We didn’t eat here, as we had already been to the Elveden Inn, but it looked good.

Cookware, The Courtyard, Elveden

As is now conventional in these premises, they sell middle to top end kitchenware for those who aspire to such things.

Homeware, The Courtyard, Elveden

Pots, vases, artwork and – of course – candles round off the collection of pretty, if probably non-essential, stuff.

Kids’ stuff, The Courtyard, Elveden

Finally there is a small post office with shelves dedicated to children’s toys and books. Quite good, though, like the rest of the complex, just a bit more expensive than it probably should be.
If you are at Centre Parcs or in the Thetford area, worth a look, but probably not a place you would drive a long way to.

Address: Brandon Road, Elveden IP24 3TQ

Telephone: 01842898068