A colleague provided this unusual food, and I confess I was expecting something else. Previously I had tasted a product called tiger nuts, and they were simply coated peanuts with a striped exterior. Today’s food was not the same at all, though they look a little similar. In fact, they aren’t really a nut at all, but are the root of a type of sedge, imported, I believe, from Spain.

Three ‘tiger nuts’

Firm, about the size of small blueberries, and without much of a discernible smell, they don’t seem very appetising. I gave them a try, and they have the texture of rather stale sugar puffs. A lot of chewing was needed to break down the fibrous lumps, and I had to wash them down like tablets in the end. The taste is a subtle mix of almond and coconut, and they leave bits in your mouth for ages like coconut does too. Not worth a repeat, but interesting to try.