A brief review for a short lunchtime visit. Itsu is a chain of Japanese convenience restaurants, similar to Wasabi which I will also review in the near future. They can be found all over London, with a few shops at tourist destinations across the UK. It sells sushi, salads, and a few hot noodle and rice dishes. You sit on bar stools and aren’t expected to hang around for long, so it isn’t the most comfortable place. Not awful, but not fun. Staff were ok.

Udon, Itsu, London

I had udon with vegetable gyoza, drowned in sriracha as you can see. The noodles were at but not over my chewiness threshold, and while the dumplings were soggy to the point of losing structural integrity, their filling tasted pretty good. The soup was also rather nice – maybe a little sweet but otherwise well balanced. My colleagues all went for various sushi options; while they raved about the taste and moaned about the cost, it looked like average quality sushi at slightly below or about average London sushi price.
I will almost certainly return to an Itsu at some point, as they are pretty common and the food was fine, but I wouldn’t really recommend it as a dining experience. My noodles were £6, while the big sushi boxes were £8.

Address: 60 outlets, mostly in London. See website for details.

Website: https://www.itsu.com