Carluccio’s is a chain of Italian restaurants across the UK. I hadn’t been to one for probably more than 10 years, at which time I visited their Cambridge branch. I remembered it was ok food and not too pricy, so we thought we would stop in at the St. Pancras branch before fiancée went back to Paris.

Blurry picture of Carluccio’s, London

We knew we didn’t have much time, so we asked specifically if they could have us fed and ready to go by a certain time. We were assured it wouldn’t be a problem, so sat down. We were outside in a little area on the upper level, which was pleasant enough.

Bruschette, Carluccio’s, London

Our starter was the trio of bruschette. This comprised three thin slices of toast with ricotta and pea, tomatoes, and tuna and cannellini beans. The tomatoes were the best, as they had a solid amount of garlic on, while the ricotta was a little bland, and fiancée could only note the beans didn’t detract too much from the salty tuna.

Beef, Carluccio’s, London

We then waited for our mains. And waited. We had asked for them to be brought as soon as possible once we realised it would be tight, but finally they were ready as we had to leave. I snapped the pics in the takeaway containers while we were paying the bill, and that’s about it for the food section of the review.

Risotto, Carluccio’s, London

I gave my risotto to a homeless lady on the tube who clearly needed it more than me, and the last report from fiancée was that the steak was too tough for the plastic knife they supplied.

I’ve given a rating of 1 for the dining experience which was obviously terrible, and could have been avoided had the original member of staff who seated us been honest – we could have grabbed some pub snacks elsewhere and left Carluccio’s for another time. I do want to stress that a different member of staff who was our main server was as helpful as he could have been in dealing with a tricky situation. Anyway, hopefully your Carluccio’s experience will be better than ours.

Address: Upper level, St Pancras Station, London N1C4QL

Telephone: 02072787449