Non Coupable is a French restaurant in Paris, in the 9th district near the Palais Garnier, or the Opera. I think the name means ‘not guilty’, which seems a little strange. Anyway, it does a range of French meals and burgers, plus a few pizzas and oriental dishes. We sat outside, fairly squashed in between smokers. Our main server was quite friendly and attentive, but a couple of others were stereotypical French waiters, slamming food and drinks down without making eye contact!

Snails, Non Coupable, Paris

I wasn’t that hungry, so decided against a starter, but fiancée had a French speciality: snails with garlic and herb butter. These were chewy, garlicky and numerous, in a large portion of 12. She enjoyed the meat and soaking up the sauce with some soft fresh bread.

Veggie, Non Coupable, Paris

For the main I chose the vegetarian plate which was quite good. Nice spring rolls and mini samosas, which both seemed to have a bit of soft cheese or yoghurt in (odd, but it worked), served on a bed of steamed carrots, squash or pumpkin and green beans. These were meant to have been wok cooked, but there was little evidence of that, and they were quite cool, if not quite cold. As I got through them I noticed a soy and sesame dressing (not really a sauce) at the bottom which actually tasted very good. 

Burger, Non Coupable, Paris

Fiancée went for a Hawaiian burger, and wished she had stuck to just the snails. The meat was ok, but the bread was hard, the admittedly fresh pineapple was sour, the side salad was uninspiring, and the chips tasted like they had been cooked the day before. Starchy, sticky and cold, they were a lot worse than, say, some popular fast food chains’ offerings. Bad meal all round.

Seating, Non Coupable, Paris

So the food, the service and the atmosphere are all mixed or average. I am sure you can do better than Non Coupable in this area, but equally I think there are worse places. 
Address: 21 Rue Auber, 75009 Paris, France

Telephone: 0147423085