Roast is situated above and overlooking Borough Market, and owned by the Bangladesh born British owner of the Cinnamon Club (and good occasional blogger on social issues). It is very light, with lots of glass windows, and these provide pleasant views of the market and the street. It is upmarket, and renowned for the quality of its meat dishes, with all of the products sourced from within the UK and generally cooked in a British style. However it also has a separate vegetarian menu with a similar focus on local, high quality ingredients.

Interior, Roast, London

It is a modern looking place, and as formal as you would expect. Waiters are in shirt sleeves while the managers are in suits, so they, and you, know who’s boss. The level of service was generally high, after a long wait at the start to get the vegetarian menu the website and the meat menu promised. The food was good overall with a couple of highlights and only one dish not being up to standard.

Soup, Roast, London

That was the chilled pea and courgette soup, which didn’t quite jump out despite the nice touch of pumpkin seeds for a little crunch. Too subtle for me, as I like my pea soup to taste of peas. Still OK, though.

Egg, Roast, London

Fiancée had a spinach and feta (vegetarian) scotch egg which came with a little piccalilli. The cheese and spinach coating was delicious, and full of flavour for what was quite a thin lining; the eggs was perfectly cooked. We both loved it. 

Pork, Roast, London

Her roast pork was very tender and well seasoned, and had extremely crunchy crackling. It came with a slightly marmite-esque gravy, some normal mashed potato, and a tasty sour-sweet apple sauce. She was impressed.

Pasta, Roast, London

I went for cheese and truffle pasta parcels, which I thought were excellent. Strewn with pine nuts, cress, cheese, and sage butter, they managed to show off the flavours of all of them while keeping the truffle undertone and sharpness of the cheese; I will definitely steal this combination to wow my friends!

Cheese, Roast, London

We finished with a cheese board which was a little expensive for the amount we got. I enjoyed the blue while fiancée really liked the cheddar, which had a good chewy texture but the flavour of a crumbly vintage.

View, Roast, London

I would recommend Roast if you are bringing people to London and want to show them that British food definitely doesn’t deserve the poor reputation it has overseas. It is expensive (£80+ for two), but it will hopefully open some eyes.
Address: The Floral Hall, Stoney Street, London SE11TL

Telephone: 02030066111