Yo! Sushi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant across the UK, and if not the first outright certainly the first to make it big about 20 years ago. They obviously sell various types of sushi, and also do a selection of Japanese curries, steamed buns, noodle dishes and desserts. Each small dish comes colour coded by price, so at the end of the meal the waiter can quickly add it up. I have been to a couple of their branches over the years, but it had been at least seven since my previous visit. We stopped at the St Pancras outlet while waiting for a train. 

Gyoza, Yo! Sushi

We ordered a couple of larger dishes and waited to see what proceeded to us on the belt. First was some vegetable gyoza, 3 lightly fried vegetable dumplings with soy and chilli powder dipping sauce. These were ok, but not particularly interesting.

Salmon, Yo! Sushi

Fiancée was more impressed with the salmon selection, which had 2 nigiri (rice with stuff on top), 3 chunks of sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish), and 2 maki (stuff wrapped in rice then seaweed) on a bed of Japanese radish.

Ramen, Yo! Sushi

The first dish delivered was the pork miso ramen – well, it was meant to be; it was actually pork curry ramen which was a reasonable substitute, I hear.

Tofu curry, Yo! Sushi

My tofu katsu curry was jelly-like tofu, breaded and fried, on rice, covered with a mild and savoury Japanese curry. I’m not normally a fan of that type of tofu, but this was a good way to cook it. PETA gave this their vegan curry of the year award in 2015 – I don’t think it is worthy of that, however it was quite tasty.

Bao, Yo! Sushi

Salmon kimchi bao was simply salmon and kimchi in a steamed bun, with coriander salad. I’m told the flavour of the salmon is lost in the pickle. 

Dorayaki, Yo! Sushi

We had a dorayaki pancake dessert as well. This was a pair of American style pancakes with a sweet paste (meant to be custard) between them and a red fruit syrup to dip them in. Oddly they cut this sandwich into quarters and then give you just three. I suppose there is a financial dip at the moment. I’m not too fond of this style of pancake, nor the paste, but the dip was sharp and fruity. 
Staff were ok, when called, apart from bringing the wrong noodles. The conveyor belt concept is also quite fun, I suppose, though it means the layout isn’t completely comfortable. Overall I’m not a big fan of Yo! but it is ok for a quick meal, and if you are a real fish fan it will suit you better than me. There are 73 outlets in the UK according to their website.
Website: https://yosushi.com