Ravi Shankar restaurant in Euston is a vegetarian Indian place, and I am not sure that the man himself gave permission to name the shop after him. However, it was a bustling place on a road of similar restaurants and looked like a good place to dine, official or not. They say they can do vegan versions of most of the dishes.

Exterior, Ravi Shankar, Euston

I quite liked the interior, with a few attractive murals on the wall, and the staff were fine. We ended up spending more time there than we intended, so it must have been relaxed enough.

Soup, Ravi Shankar, Euston

We had lentil soup to start, and I don’t think either of us was that impressed, but neither were we offended. It had a mild coriander and chive flavour, and was an acceptable way to ease into the curry.

Dosa, Ravi Shankar, Euston

My mate had a Ravi onion dosa, which was crispy and light. It came with a so-so tomato sauce, a tasty coconut paste, a totally standard mashed spiced potato, and a spicy vegetable curry. The only criticism might be that it didn’t have any sourness to it.

Thali, Ravi Shankar, Euston

The “Mr Ravi Shankar thali”, to give it its full title, was a portion of special rice (seemed like white rice to me) with 2 mini chapatis, cucumber raita, potato curry (tasted like bitter chilli, good but simple), mini bhajis (fine), dhal (quite savoury), basic vegetable curry (ok) and one tiny gulab jamun (doughnut soaked in rose syrup). All good except the cucumber! 

Wine, Ravi Shankar, Euston

We also tried some Indian wine; the Soul Tree Rose which was too acidic to be nice. 

Interior, Ravi Shankar, Euston

There are loads of dishes on the menu here which I fancy trying, so there is a good chance I will be back if I am in the area. 
Address: 133 Drummond Road, Euston

Telephone: 02073886458

Website: http://www.ravishankarbhelpoori.com/index.html