Rodizio Grill is a newish Brazilian place in Croydon, which does the churrascaria all you can eat barbecued meat skewers – and salad dishes – in the style we enjoyed at Viva Brazil in Birmingham. When we got there, they had dropped their prices from those advertised on the website, which was good. It was presumably to boost custom, as we were there on a Friday night at 8, and it was empty, though a couple more tables filled later. This one is halal, at least in the meats it serves; alcohol is available.

Interior, Rodizio Grill, Croydon

It’s a reasonably pleasant place with a few nods to Brazil in the artwork. The staff were quite friendly and helped talk us through the dishes, though there seemed to be a misunderstanding of vegetarianism when a plate of fish was sent over for me. That said, they let fiancée have what she wanted to from that without charge.

Food, Rodizio Grill, Croydon

I obviously had the salad buffet. The cold choices felt a bit like a selection from the Tesco value range – not so much bad as low quality, but then it is all you can eat so you can try to create your own value for money. The hot food should probably have been hotter; it doesn’t bother me much, but I know I am peculiar when it comes to food temperature. There was better flavour there though, with well seasoned bean dishes and decent roast squash.
Fiancée’s meat and fish selection was varied, as to be expected, though overall she enjoyed much of it. The garlic beef was very good, if slightly underdone, with good meat and lots of garlic, while the chilli beef was too lean for her. She liked the BBQ chicken wing, but was surprised the sauce seemed added on after cooking so didn’t penetrate the meat. The chicken hearts were a little salty, and had a good texture. The chicken thigh was very spicy, and the chicken sausage very herby, which both pleased her. She thought the salmon was ordinary; her favourites were the rump and cap of rump which were fatty and crispy beef. We both enjoyed the grilled pineapple at the end, which had been rolled in cinnamon sugar.
Overall, we found it a little disappointing. It’s not surprising that an all you can eat meat restaurant isn’t focused on the other aspects of dining, but it just wasn’t as fun as an experience as we had enjoyed previously at this type of place. However, if you want to eat a lot of meat in Croydon for £20, it might be what you are after.
Address: 87 High Street, Croydon CR01QF

Telephone: 02086660207