This one was a classic case of choosing a drink against my better judgement. It was a fermented yoghurt drink – but vegan? It was flavoured with spirulina, that murky green algae stuff which has a million dubious health claims online, though is protein rich enough to be a rather good fish food. However, what made me go for it was the fact it was blue… 

Blue fermented drink

Sadly, the hue doesn’t show up as strong as it really was, except in the last photo. It was a weird milky blue, which looked like an indigestion remedy, but when poured it was a lot thinner. It smelled sour and faintly alcoholic, like when fruit starts to ferment. It turns out kefir isn’t actually the name of the yoghurt drink, but of the yeast and bacteria which causes it to ferment, and there is enough of that in the drink for the aroma – and the vegan designation – to make sense. 

Even more blue

Sadly, the taste is pretty awful…though probably what I should have imagined from a fermented spirulina and lemon drink. Sour and off-tasting, it’s an experiment I won’t repeat while I keep my faculties.