Cafe Central (7th district) is quite close to the Military School and the Park at the base of the Eiffel Tower. It had impressively rude staff, except for one guy who was professional but not friendly. Weirdly, when we said we wanted to eat, they removed the drink menu and gave it to someone else. We still wanted a drink…

Seating, Cafe Central, Paris

The seats are crammed in a small area on the pavements, the prices seemed high, and basically everything about this place screamed tourist trap – except the food was really good! 

Bread, Cafe Central, Paris

I started with a truffle focaccia, which was very light and had the perfect level of truffle for me. Perhaps slightly large…

Snails, Cafe Central, Paris

Fiancée had a portion of snails which was smaller than she had enjoyed elsewhere, but had the best sauce. The pointless dry bread was wasted as it was so dry as to be inedible.

Steak, Cafe Central, Paris

Her entrecôte was similarly perfectly cooked and seasoned, with a tasty garlic and chilli butter. She would have liked more of that. The chips, however, might have come from McDonald’s and she left most.

Burger, Cafe Central, Paris

I had the same disappointing chips with my veggie burger. This was soy based with tomato, had a delicious sauce and although the bread was thick it was well flavoured. A good burger.

Good burger, Cafe Central, Paris

This place probably had me the most conflicted I have been in terms of whether or not to recommend it, as everything about the dining experience was substandard, apart from the food which was really good. I have decided to stay neutral overall, therefore!

Napkin, Cafe Central, Paris

Address: 40 Rue Cler, 75007 Paris