L’Improbable was the first hipster cafe I had been to in France. It’s a crazy cafe designed for trendy people – in Malaysia they say Instagram-worthy. It’s in the fashionable Marais area, in the 4th district. After you enter through the gateway with real and plastic greenery, you will notice the old Renault van parked inside which is the kitchen, and it carries on in that vein.

Interior, L’Improbable, Paris

There is a whole host of stuff you can take photos of yourself in front of, such as the Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, the tropical murals or the art on the walls, or even the garden shed in the corner used for doing the dishes. If you forgot your camera (and of course you didn’t), there’s a photo booth which is free of charge.

Goaty, L’Improbable, Paris

We went for sandwiches here, on pistolet rolls which were a little hard as we probably expected. My ‘Goaty’ had a strong goat cheese, walnuts and honey, and was pretty good…

Crab, L’Improbable, Paris

…and fiancĂ©e thought her crab mayo was tasty, with enough salt to contrast with the sweet crab meat. 

Drinks and cake, L’Improbable, Paris

They make their own iced tea, which is a fairly sharp lemon version, and sell a new drink (at least to me) called a Holypop. This turned out to be an anis, clove and cinnamon soda which was weird, but we both enjoyed it as we washed down some slightly dry, slightly not lemony enough lemon and poppy cake.

Mural, L’Improbable, Paris

I have been a bit dismissive of the decor, because generally I find places which chuck loads of unconnected stuff at the walls to be cool more likely to be trying. However I concede that L’Improbable is quite a fun place, and the food is alright. Don’t go out of your way, but worth a look if you are nearby.

Art, L’Improbable, Paris

Address: 5 Rue des Guillemites, 75004 Paris

Telephone: 0631534368

Website: https://www.facebook.com/LimprobableCafe/

Exterior, L’Improbable, Paris
Photo booth, L’Improbable, Paris