The Hotel de Noailles is part of the Golden Tulip group, and is situated in the 2nd district of Paris, but near to the 1st and 9th districts. It is very well located being less than 10 minutes from the Louvre and just 5 from the Palais Garnier/Opera – you can even reach the Gare du Nord in 20 if not weighed down. It is also in a miniature Asian area, which I like for the shops and restaurants.  

Lobby, Hotel de Noailles, Paris

The owners clearly enjoy their art, and there is a lot of it in the corridors and communal rooms, plus catalogues of various auctions in the bar. It is mostly modern, but there is some in the traditional style as well. I really enjoyed it, and even took a stroll through the hotel to check some of it out.

Cardboard art chair, Hotel de Noailles, Paris

That art comes at a price, though – the rack rate is 365 Euro per night. Of course by booking in advance or through a hotel site you can bring that down to under 200 Euro. Breakfast is an extra 20 Euro per person per day, which I will come back to. Golden Tulip hotels are meant to be 4 star, but this one doesn’t have a pool and the gym equipment is arranged in such a cramped fashion it would be difficult to use it. It would possibly only get 3 stars in the UK.

Balcony, Hotel de Noailles, Paris

We had a standard room on the 6th and top floor, with a balcony overlooking the street. The balcony was large and had a table, a couple of chairs, and a movable canopy for shelter from the rain. Fiancée has used a number of rooms in the hotel, and not all have a balcony, and if they do they’re not as big. The space for this is taken out of the room, though. I found the room small and oddly shaped, but not too cramped. 

Bathroom, Hotel de Noailles, Paris

The odd shape is accounted for by the bathroom, wedge shaped and containing a shower which is pretty powerful and easy to get to the right temperature. The bathroom door does bang on the bed as there isn’t much of a gap.

Bed, Hotel de Noailles, Paris

That bed is comfortable and firm enough, and we both slept quite well. The room had a real minibar, which was restocked regularly, and a TV with mostly French channels. There were two English and one each of Italian, German, Spanish and Chinese too. Wifi was very good, and there is a desk with a pair of chairs in case you need to work.

Breakfast, Hotel de Noailles, Paris

Breakfast was a small buffet in the continental style with cheeses and meats, bread, pastries, cakes, fruit and yoghurt, plus a small tray each of chopped frankfurters and scrambled eggs. On Sunday they also provided bacon. It’s not on the grand scale you would get in other places, but reasonably nice. It was expensive – I wouldn’t get it for a family of six, but for a couple too lazy to bother looking for something cheaper, it was fine! The staff were also totally assiduous in refilling everything quickly, so you would get anything from that list earlier if you wanted it.

TV, Hotel de Noailles, Paris

In fact the staff were good throughout my stay, always friendly and helpful. Fiancée did have a bit of trouble with overbooking on a previous visit, which they sorted out reasonably well and gave her a subsequent upgrade. 

Lift, Hotel de Noailles, Paris

If you end up on a high floor, the lift is a little small and rickety, so acrophobic people might want to be lower down. I’m not sure the art quite makes it worth the money, but I would be happy to stay here again provided I found a decent deal, as the location is pretty good.

Address: 9 rue de la Michodière, 75002 Paris

Telephone: 0147429290