Prezzo is a chain of mid-range pizza restaurants in the vein of Ask, Pizza Express and Zizzi. They have about 30 in London, and more than 200 across the UK, We visited the one at Victoria station, which was fairly standard, with wooden tables and chairs, Xxx, and a visible pizza oven. You don’t feel like like spending ages, but you don’t feel the urge to leave either. The staff were ok, and sorted out a problem with a meal quickly and without fuss.

Pizza, Prezzo, Victoria

We only had a couple of dishes; I tried the Margherita Royale pizza, which was a different take on the classic red, white and green. Oval-ish in shape, it is separated into three sections, with red being cherry and sundried tomatoes (good), white bechamel sauce and cheese (subtle creaminess), and green being rocket, pesto and asparagus (the asparagus is lost in the pesto, which is a shame). Very thin, as I like pizzas to be, and with a rich, slightly sweet sauce, I was impressed with this pizza. 

Pasta, Prezzo, Victoria

Fiancée had spicy prawn and pesto penne, which was served with a side salad…and without prawns! This was corrected swiftly, though. She really liked it, and the basil taste shone through, if the chilli was a little quiet until the end. The dressing for the salad was awful, but she used the excess pesto to make up for it. Oddly, this meal is on the menu as under 650 calories, but I cannot believe that.

Kitchen, Prezzo, Victoria

We were more impressed with the food than we expected to be, and we would both be happy to go back to a Prezzo in future. Cost of two meals and drinks was £37. 

Address: Victoria Place Shopping Centre, London SW1W9SJ

Telephone: 02078285199