Camino is a tapas restaurant and bar very near to Kings Cross station. I had actually tried to visit a couple of weeks before, but it was fully booked and the casual area was too busy. We had an early reservation, so visited the bar section first. 

Bar interior, Camino, Kings Cross

It is quite attractive, with a lot of outdoor space to enjoy the summer evenings. Inside the bar, the walls are decorated with Spanish scenes, and there is even a football table with the teams in Barcelona and Real Madrid colours!

Frose, Camino, Kings Cross

They sell a few Spanish beers on tap, but we had a Frosé, which was a frozen wine drink with vermouth, strawberry and agave syrup. Refreshing and cooling, it was slightly tannic and not too sweet.

Interior, Camino, Kings Cross

We then moved on to the restaurant. There are two areas, with one being a little dark and quieter, and the other a bit noisier with a large circular skylight. We were in the quiet area. The lady who took us there and in fact all the staff were very friendly and attentive, and we had good service all evening.

Cheese, Camino, Kings Cross

We shared a few tapas dishes – please note the portions are pretty small, and we topped up after the first few were delivered. Our first dish was breaded fried cheese – delicious but tiny, served with a very well matched chutney.

Prawns, Camino, Kings Cross

Fiancée’s prawns in wine, garlic and chilli sauce should have come with bread for her to soak up the liquid, as she liked it so much. We did order some extra, and it came in handy with the cheese board too.

Potatoes, Camino, Kings Cross

The weakest dish – though it was still good – was the potatoes cooked with onions and a fried egg. If it had come with some chilli or vinegar it would have been more interesting. I stress it was good enough! 

Pork, Camino, Kings Cross

Iberico pork shoulder can be cooked to your taste, despite the menu recommending medium rare, if you are undercooked pork-nervous. Fiancée said it was very tasty, though she would have preferred a more savoury accompaniment than sweet potato mash.

Cheese board, Camino, Kings Cross

Finally, the cheese board had five cheeses and various little things to go with them such as a lovely dense fig cake and a delicate quince jam. I loved all five, which doesn’t happen very often, while milady wasn’t keen on the blue or goat cheeses. Both of us agreed the smoked cheese was the best of a good lot.

Sangria, Camino, Kings Cross

We washed all of this down with sangria royale…gin, herb liqueur, red wine and fruit topped up with cava. Really nice from what I remember (just joking, but it is strong).

The other side, Camino, Kings Cross

I highly recommend Camino – worth seeking out for tapas which is a little different from the norm, in a nice environment, with good drinks and service. Just remember to book to ensure you get a table.
Address: 3 Varnishers Yard, The Regent Quarter, Kings Cross, London N1 9FD

Telephone: 02078417330