Before visiting Rodizio Grill in Croydon a little while ago, we weighed it against the alternative just up the road, which was Rodizio Preto. It turns out it’s a small chain with 8 restaurants in London, Colchester and Loughborough, and after we had strolled past one on Shaftesbury avenue on our way to the second tapas place with a 90 minute wait of the evening, we decided to head back. 

Interior, Rodizio Preto, London

The word rodizio now indicates to me it is a churrascaria restaurant, so we expected a salad buffet and people to come around with skewers of meat; we weren’t wrong. However I didn’t expect to have to tell the same staff members over and over that I was vegetarian in order for them not to put meat on my plate – you might be able to exploit that if you wanted to eat the meat at the veggie rate!

Antipasti, Rodizio Preto, London

The salad buffet that I stuck to was mostly antipasti in style, though there was also a small selection of fried and boiled options. It was acceptable but very expensive for what you get. 

Salad bar, Rodizio Preto, London

I normally give a full rundown of all the meats fiancée tried, but I will just pick out her key points this time. Overall, she thought the portions were big but not really that flavoursome, except for generally being very salty. She thought this was because they were using very lean cuts of meat, which ended up a little tough. Her favourite was the glazed pork, which she said melted in the mouth and was sweet and smoky. 

Small meat bits, Rodizio Preto, London

Other highlights were the Brazilian sausage which was garlicky, and the chicken hearts which she is always nervous about trying but has liked each time! The full range included rump steak, stewed pork, pork ribs, garlic beef, beef neck, topside of beef, pork loin, chicken breast, and a different, denser sausage.

Hot food, Rodizio Preto, London

We felt a little squashed in, and sometimes the queue for the salad was a bit long. The price is way too high for vegetarians at £22.50 including the automatic service charge, but better for meat eaters at just under £25. If you fancy lots of meat, then it is probably going to be a reasonable option. 

Desserts, Rodizio Preto, London

Desserts cost an extra £3-5; cocktails are reasonable for London and tasted pretty good.

Frozen daiquiri, Rodizio Preto, London

Address: 73 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 6LN

Telephone: 02072875995