You can read my thoughts on the concept of airport lounges here, but in brief I use them where possible when I fly. For the first time ever, I won the upgrade auction to premium on my flight, which meant I had access to the No 1 Lounge at Gatwick South included. I probably would have paid the £30 otherwise. 

Seating, No 1 Lounge, Gatwick

There is a central bar, where they serve you (small!) drinks and take a food order, a self service table with apples, nuts, olives, crisps and soup, and a series of coffee machines with cakes. 

Coffee, No 1 Lounge, Gatwick

Around the edge there is a quiet ‘library’ and a ‘sports lounge’ with a huge TV. There is also a selection of 6 magazines and 2 newspapers. During the day, you can watch the planes taxi, if that’s your thing. 

Bar, No 1, Gatwick

They have a range of small meals which you can order one of. These include a fish finger sandwich, a bacon roll, some chicken couscous (which smelled very strongly of onion), and aubergine and fennel lasagne, which I saw the next table had and seemed to enjoy except for the bacon which remained, half eaten, when they left. The feedback I heard on the couscous was very positive though. 

Cheese, No 1 Lounge, Gatwick

I went for a ploughman’s which had a medium sized chunk of a nice cheese, a little bread and butter, some sweet chutney, a few onions and gherkins, and some celery and apple. Apple not as nice when under gherkins, it turns out. That aside, it was fine.

Soup, No 1 Lounge, Gatwick

Overall, it is one of the more limited lounges I have used. I prefer self service everything, and a wider range of food. That said, it is still much nicer than the main concourse! 
Address: upstairs, South Terminal, Gatwick Airport