Garden Recipe is a healthy eating place in the Aeon Bandaraya complex in Melaka, with another shop in KL. It serves various rice, noodle, meat and fish dishes, with a double spread of vegetarian options. The menu is quite similar in style to those of Secret Recipe and Beyond Veggie, but despite the name I don’t think it is related to them.

Interior, Garden Recipe, Melaka

It has quite a nice interior, with a clear attempt to make it feel a little like a home. Staff are fine, though not the warmest.

Udon, Garden Recipe, Melaka

Miso udon was veggie. A savoury broth with hints of sweet and sour was topped with honey tofu skin, Japanese egg, carrot, seaweed, goji berries and sweet corn. Buried under this were the fat udon noodles. Quite enjoyable, particularly the bursts of sweetness from the tofu, eggs, and berries.

Chicken, Garden Recipe, Melaka

Curry chicken came with brown rice noodles, a couple of big lumps of chicken and potato, tofu puffs and green beans. I’m told it was ok, but the brown noodle wasn’t a good choice by the restaurant. 

Crazy wall, Garden Recipe, Melaka

A small warning on the drinks: the juice was very sweet (in fact tasting as sweet as my sugary coffee), so ask for it without sugar. I liked my food, and found it a comfortable place to eat, but there are better places nearby.
Address: G55, Aeon Bandaraya Melaka, Jalan Lagenda, Taman I-Lagenda, 75400 Melaka

Telephone: 062839168