Another Paddington breakfast. Momento is an Italian-ish cafe, with modern styling: exposed brick, big mirrors. I say -ish because they proudly proclaim they sell Costa coffee, from a big British chain. The staff were fine and business like.

Egg, Momento, Paddington

They don’t have a big cooked breakfast range, just doing baked omelettes with various fillings, but they do have a load of sandwiches and pastries. I went for the cheese and olive omelette which came with a couple of slices of warm and surprisingly soft Italian bread. As for the omelette, while the filling was nice, there is a reason most people fry omelettes…baking is terrible. Bubbly and crispy on top, rubbery on the bottom. Microwaving is better.

Sandwich, Momento, Paddington

Fiancée’s Brie and mushroom ciabatta was much nicer. Very good ratio of filling to bread, and I wished I had opted for a sandwich too. Chocolate pastry was standard, and went alright with the coffee.

Blurry pastry, Momento, Paddington

If you do head to Momento for breakfast, though I don’t expect to again, make sure you pick a bread option over the eggs!

Address: 159 Praed Street, London W2 1RS