Promising a warm (!) restaurant with authentic Asian food, Dim T is a chain of oriental restaurants in London and Hampshire, serving all day dim sum and a selection of meat and fish fishes along with noodles and rice. Most are Chinese, but there are some Thai, Malaysian and Japanese choices too. We went to the one at London Bridge.

Odd photo of view, Dim T, London Bridge

The view from the window seats is pleasant, taking in a brightly lit Tower Bridge and an occasional fountain display just outside. Staff were friendly but not entirely competent – we didn’t get any water after a couple of requests, and it was odd to be told the kitchen didn’t have fresh chilli when we could see some on a plate in front of us.

Gyoza, Dim T, London Bridge

On to the food. We chose a plate of vegetable gyoza to start. This had sweetcorn in, unusually, but authenticity was restored by it being the last dish brought, in the Asian manner. Steamed then fried, they were crispy and had a flavoursome savoury and sour dip.

Bass, Dim T, London Bridge

Fiancée had the crispy bass, which came in a light batter with onions, chilli and coriander. It was a small portion, but she found it quite tasty.

Katsu curry, Dim T, London Bridge

The veggie katsu curry was bland – not even particularly savoury – but the aubergine and sweet potato katsu themselves were ok, with a very crispy shell and a firm interior.

Noodles, Dim T, London Bridge

A side dish of fried noodles was too bean sprouty for me; while the missus was disappointed to see the British practice of putting peas in fried rice. The swap worked out well, though!

Rice, Dim T, London Bridge

Drinks were overpowering not due to alcohol but to cordial, or so it seemed. If you can reserve a table by the window, then the view is probably worth the somewhat so-so food. Otherwise Dim T is an average quality place.

Address: 2 More London Place, Tooley Street, London SE12DB

Telephone: 02074037000