Just around the corner from Buckingham Palace you can find this traditional tea room. It was convenient for a bit of afternoon tea (you’ll see a few of those from me, as we have discovered we are fans of the concept!), so we popped in…just as the kitchen was about to close. The staff were helpful though and managed to squeeze us in. They also came up with a bunch of vegetarian sandwich options tailored to us, which was good.

Interior, The English Rose, Victoria

Slightly weirder was the guy who took our tea order, heavily implying that we had to have the same tea from their menu of about 12, who then brought us cups with wrapped teabags and a pot of water. Happily we both wanted the same type anyway, but maybe we could have tried another. None of the plates, cups and saucers matched, but I read later that was part of the theme for the place.

Tea, The English Rose, Victoria

The food component of the tea was sandwiches (roasted vegetables and pesto, cheese and tomato, cheese and pesto) which we enjoyed, scones with clotted cream and jam (didn’t like so much as a bit dry), and mini cakes. These were coffee, carrot, red velvet, and mince pie. Enjoyable, as – though sweet – their small size made them more manageable.

Er…tea, The English Rose, Victoria

At £26 (that’s for 2 people – thanks to SudsEats for helping me notice my mistake!) it was a little expensive for a single serving afternoon tea, but it was quite nice overall. A tip if you decide to visit in winter – don’t sit by the door, as it doesn’t close properly so you will get very cold when people leave it open!

Address: 4 Lower Grosvenor Place, London SW1W0EJ

Telephone: 02079766280

Website: http://theenglishrosecafe.co.uk