The Singapore Zoo was the second wildlife-based excursion we did when I was last in Singapore. It’s linked to the Night Safari, River Safari and Jurong Bird Park.

Entrance, Singapore Zoo


This one has the areas you would expect in a major zoo, with animals local to Southeast Asia, the big African mammals, polar creatures, many monkeys, and the unusual ones from Australasia. The animals start before you make it through the front door, with peacocks wandering around KFC.

KFC Peacock, Singapore Zoo


As with the Night Safari, there is a tram ride to take you around; unlike that one it actually stops and lets you off. It does follow the main path, however, so you should be able to see a lot of the main attractions from it. The tram is $5 ($3 for kids) or included in the 4 park package. A tip – whereas normally the reptile house is the warmest part of a zoo, here it is one of the coolest!

Polar bear, Singapore Zoo


This park also does a few shows. We saw a little of, but didn’t stay for, the elephant show which seemed to involve a lot of pushing logs with trunks and more mahout sticks than I wanted to see.

Giraffes, Singapore Zoo


Of the three parks we visited this trip, we thought this was the weakest. We also felt that a few of the animals, particularly the big cats, seemed distressed, pacing around in circles, which doesn’t make them look like they are happy.

Map, Singapore Zoo


Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

Telephone: 6269 3411


I’ve added a lot (really, loads) of pictures here of various animals and sights:

Exciting picture of ticket queue, Singapore Zoo
Black and white monkey, Singapore Zoo


Polar bear enclosure about as far from a pole as possible, Singapore Zoo
Red monkeys, Singapore Zoo


Rhino, Singapore Zoo
Orange monkey, Singapore Zoo


Arctic foxes, maybe, Singapore Zoo
Hiding rhino, Singapore Zoo


Giraffes feeding, Singapore Zoo
Kidzworld, Singapore Zoo


African painted dogs, Singapore Zoo
Leopard, Singapore Zoo


More giraffes, or probably the same ones, Singapore Zoo
Reptopia, Singapore Zoo


Big snake, Singapore Zoo
Monkey feeding, Singapore Zoo
Bird on a vine, Singapore Zoo


Lizard on a vine, Singapore Zoo
Lion, Singapore Zoo
Tapirs, Singapore Zoo