We had a quick pit stop in Putrajaya on a drive recently, and found this surprisingly big Malay food place about 1km from Putra Heights. The walls have pictures of a pleasant post-colonial town – and the food on offer.

Interior, Muar Station, Putrajaya

It’s named after, and the pictures are from, a small town south of Melaka known for its otak-otak, which is spiced fish paste (similar to that found in yong tau fu) wrapped in banana leaf and baked or barbecued. We didn’t have this, but fiancée has made me a vegetarian version in the past and it is worth trying.

Roti Manja, Muar Station, Putrajaya

Instead, I went for one of the few vegetarian options available, Roti Manja Cheese. Manja is a Malay word which is tricky to translate. Dictionaries suggest ‘spoilt’ or ‘pampered’, but it goes beyond that, and doesn’t always have the negative connotations. Anyway, roti manja was a big thick chunk of sweet bread with two half boiled eggs (yolk and white warm but runny) served with soy sauce and white pepper, plus a slice of kraft cheese. It was never going to be exciting, but it was satisfactory.

Nasi Lemak, Muar Station, Putrajaya

That was almost the word fiancée would have used for her nasi lemak too. Nasi lemak (literally fatty rice) is a traditional Malaysian breakfast of rice with coconut milk, cucumber, peanuts, dried anchovy-like fish called ikan bilis, half an egg, and a spicy sauce called sambal. This one came with a small piece of chicken rendang. It was all a little small, so she topped up with what appeared on the bill as tempura chicken, but what most might call nuggets…

Tempura chicken, Muar Station, Putrajaya

The young lad serving us was very nervous, and made a slight mistake with our drinks, but otherwise staff were nice. You need to speak Malay here, though.

Drinks, Muar Station, Putrajaya

All together, while Muar Station is pleasant, it’s not worth going out of your way for. On the other hand if you find yourself in Putra Heights (and the only likelihood of this is if you fall asleep on the MRT, really), then why not?

Address: 1 Putra Point 2, Japan Putra Mahkota 7/6C, Seksyen 7, Putra Heights, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Telephone: 0126383165