A small review of a big tourist tower. The viewing booth rises to 80 metres and rotates slowly a few times (around 5 minutes), then lowers.

Mall from the Melaka tower


It’s quite a good way to get views over the whole of Melaka city, but nothing special really. No queue when I went at midday at a weekend.

Industrial area from the Melaka tower


It costs RM20 for adults, RM17 for oldies and RM10 for kids. No discount for Malaysians.

River from the Melaka tower


If you book this and a river cruise at the same time, you’ll be given a little packed lunch of biscuits and a carton of drink. I didn’t.

Hill from the Melaka tower


Address: Jalan Merdeka, Banda Hilir, Melaka
Telephone: 062881100
Website: http://www.menaratamingsari.com

Blurry shot of the Melaka tower