I’d been warned off Marrybrown by Malaysian friends, so hadn’t bothered with this medium sized Malaysian fast food chain which sells fried chicken and a few local dishes. However, when trapped at KLIA2 by a cancelled flight and given a Marrybrown meal voucher by AirAsia, I was able to test it free of charge.

Terrible vegetarian food, Marrybrown, Kuala Lumpur


Sadly, I think even free is too expensive. The staff were pretty rude and dismissive; the vegetarian option was two small buns with a slice of processed cheese melted on top, with a coffee; and the seating area is uncomfortable and features loud music from Marrybrown FM. One peculiarity is that you can buy fries with octopus powder sprinkled on them, which I obviously didn’t.

Baby cockroach on my coffee lid, Marrybrown, Kuala Lumpur


There were two positives – I found a plug socket so I could recharge my iPad and watch the World Series, and the coffee was nice in the rich 3-in-1 way. The cockroach which joined me to share seemed to agree too.

Seating, Marrybrown, Kuala Lumpur


Address: Departures, KLIA2, Kuala Lumpur, among many others you should avoid

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