The Royston and District Museum and Art Gallery is a small museum focused on the people of the town and surroundings over the years. Situated in a former schoolhouse since 1984, it starts with a display of artefacts from local archeological digs dating from the Stone Age to the Roman Era – including mosaic tiles from a Roman farmhouse situated in the village I grew up in (though this was a villa which I had never heard of).

Exterior, Royston Museum


There are also displays on the local press, the town band, old pub signs featuring a local brewer I also hadn’t encountered, old toys, and the local sports teams. I particularly liked the suit covered in news print, a display on the first ever catalytic converter which was claimed to have been made in the town, and a US flag.

US Flag, Royston Museum


The last was donated by the USAF 91st Bombardment Group, whose members had used the building in a previous incarnation as the American Red Cross Servicemen’s Club.

News suit, Royston Museum


Upstairs is the art gallery, which mainly consisted of works by local artist Vivienne Machell. All of these are for sale. There are also activities for kids, and a small shop.

Exhibits, Royston Museum


The museum is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and from 10-5. It won’t take long to stroll around, but there are some interesting things to see, even if you think you know the area.

Address: 5 Lower King Street, Royston
Telephone: 01763242587

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