U Inchantree is a small and expensive boutique hotel just 5 minutes’ walk from the Bridge on the River Kwai. The staff are nice, and one well built woman even carried my friend’s suitcase for him! The rooms are smallish, but use the space well with tea making facilities and minibar tucked away.

Bed, U Inchantree, Kanchanaburi

Big bed was a little soft but OK, while the TV had a couple of English language film channels. The hotel provides an iPod and docking station with 100 Chillout Classics preloaded. Wifi was very good.

Room, U Inchantree, Kanchanaburi

The shower was big but annoyingly suffered pressure problems so would alternately scald and freeze you. The hotel gives you a choice of soaps at check in, which is an odd USP; I chose bamboo.

Is this shower picture more blurry or more boring?, U Inchantree, Kanchanaburi

Breakfast was a small buffet with a somewhat limited choice of each of the food classes available, though my friend found everything he wanted. In addition, there are 7 cooked options to choose from. Weirdly, they only gave us half a hash brown each. While I wasn’t impressed with the food, the service was good and it was really nice eating looking over the river. The views from the hotel are impressive especially around sunset.

Sunset from hotel balcony, U Inchantree, Kanchanaburi

It’s certainly not a backpacker budget place, but if you are prepared to pay then it might suit you. I think I would look for somewhere a bit better value for money if I went back to Kanchanaburi.

Room balcony, U Inchantree, Kanchanaburi

Address: 443 Mae Nam Kwai Road, Muang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi, 71000, Thailand
Telephone: 034521584
Website: http://www.ukanchanaburi.com

Another sunset view, U Inchantree, Kanchanaburi
Village view, U Inchantree, Kanchanaburi