This is a review you will see mirrored for various countries, if I see anything interesting on the menu. I won’t talk about the decor, which doesn’t really change that much from place to place, or the staff, who do – but hopefully won’t impact on your visits too much.

Pies, McDonald’s, Thailand

McDonald’s is a familiar sight for travellers and can provide some comfort and a cheap taste of home when you’re far away. Or it’s a cultural catastrophe. Or a guilty pleasure. Or just a restaurant to buy fast food if that’s your taste. Anyway, it seems most countries localise their McDonald’s, and Thailand does the same. I don’t eat much of the food available at McDonald’s, but I am always curious about what they sell.

I noticed teriyaki pork burger, 2 types of salmon burger, rice porridge, spicy chicken burger, and – instead of apple pie – pineapple, corn, and spinach pies. I gather you can also get a double Big Mac which presumably has about a pound of meat in it. The pineapple pie is very nice – sour and sweet. The corn pie isn’t aimed at western tastes, as it is a light creamy sweet filling with kernels of corn.