This US chain wasn’t one I had heard of before I saw it in Melawati Mall in KL. Research suggests it has a presence in eight, mostly Muslim, countries outside the US, with just the one outlet in Malaysia. I went during the fasting month in daylight, so it was pretty empty (although one customer was doing his best to boost profits…more later).

Wayback Burgers, Kuala Lumpur

It’s obviously a burger restaurant, with hot dogs too, and offers a small amount of customisation but not on the scale of Built, The Counter or even Five Guys.

Big burger, Wayback Burgers, Kuala Lumpur

One thing which sets it apart from them is the Triple Triple – nine beef patties in the burger plus nine slices of cheese. The sort of burger no-one ever actually orders.

Irish, Wayback Burgers, Kuala Lumpur

They also do ‘Irish Nachos’, which is like nachos but with crisps instead of tortilla chips.

Veggie burger, Wayback Burgers, Kuala Lumpur

I went for the veggie burger, unsurprisingly. Oddly, it is the same price on its own as with skin-on chips and a small dip; I also added chillies and pickles for an extra 50 sen each. The burger is like a quorn chicken fillet – not exactly tasty but substantial. It was all fine, and would perhaps have been improved by one of their dipping sauces.

Going for it, Wayback Burgers, Kuala Lumpur

Did I say no-one would order the Triple Triple? This intrepid gentleman did. He told me he was passing and felt hungry…and then felt really hungry! I had to leave before he finished, but he had eaten half way through the burger and was confident he would finish. Fair play.

Custom menu feat. reflected idiot, Wayback Burgers, Kuala Lumpur

Anyway, I will drag a meat eater or two to Wayback at some point and update this then. For now, just an average rating, but with an eye on elevation due to reasonable value for money. If the carnivores enjoy it…

Counter cage, Wayback Burgers, Kuala Lumpur

Address: L3-16B, Melawati Mall, 355 Jalan Bandar Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 0341610711


Interior, Wayback Burgers, Kuala Lumpur